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Are you ready to start your career and gain valuable experience that will open up your future possibilities? If so, you might be ready for a role in long-term care.

Long-term care has a little something for everyone. From serving as a client companion or caregiver, to serving meals, bussing tables or washing dishes, there are a number of entry-level positions available.

Let an entry-level job in long-term care be your springboard into a fulfilling career.

Working in long-term care isn't for everyone. Sometimes it can be physically challenging, or be a lesson in patience or multi-tasking. But for those who are well-suited, it can offer a rewarding, inspiring and fulfilling career with huge potential that can be taken in many directions.

In long-term care there is tremendous opportunity for skill development, paid certifications, and career growth.

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LTC can be an extremely rewarding career, with a variety of jobs and workplaces.


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Room to Grow

Unlike many other service industries, jobs in LTC don't end at an entry level. There are many paths for career advancement.

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You'll learn valuable skills that you can use throughout your career, with a variety of jobs and workplaces.

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